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These are the terms under which all websites detailed above owned by CIX Online operate. Your use of these websites is subject to the following Terms of Use, which you are deemed to accept by using these websites:
Content Rights
The copyright and all other rights in the material on these web sites are owned by CIX Online or are included with the permission of the owner of the rights. As a visitor to these websites, you may download as many copies of the material for your own private viewing purposes as you wish. You may also make use where available of the RSS feed to as many sites as you wish providing it is not for commercial or business use. Commercial or business use is not permitted without our prior written consent. Applications for consent should be sent to
The information on these websites is provided without any warranties of any kind and we do not accept any liability that might arise from its accuracy or omission in the information. You are advised to verify the accuracy of any information before relying on it. Also because we do not have control over all the components that facilitate publication of a website we are unable to provide any warranties relating to disruptions in service.
Links to third party websites
On our website(s) you may be offered automatic links to other web sites. Linking may be by clicking on advertising banners or by clicking on a list of web site addresses. The sites you visit from these links are provided only on the basis they may hold possible interest for you and come with no warranties what so ever from CIX Online and we take no responsibility for their content.
All trade marks used on CIX Online web sites are the property of their respective owners.

Changes to the CIX Online website Terms of Use
CIX Online reserves the right to make edits and additions from time to time of these terms without notice.

Updated October 2014